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Listed below are a few very good bonsai books chosen for the bonsai enthusiast who would prefer something in book form to teach them the basics of bonsai and take them through this fascinating artform step by step.

Each of the following bonsai books is recommended on the basis of one or more outstanding features. Many of the authors and featured artists are internationally recognized for their works.

Any person starting at bonsai should have at least one of these in their collection. They offer info and tips on plant maintenance, bonsai styles and different bonsai techniques.

I recommend all of the following books. Click on a book image to learn more and to order.

Bonsai by Harry Tomlinson
A wonderful book for all levels of Bonsai enthusiast. Clear concise text make this book a wonderful reference and teaching tool while the beautiful pictures make it a pleasure to read. The book contains a very good tree reference section with complete hints and tips on styling, care and maintenance for each type of plant. The information covers Australian, American and European growing conditions.

Bonsai Survival Manual: Tree-By-Tree Guide to Buying, Maintaining and Problem Solving by Colin Lewis
This book is very informative and easy to follow. The information on individual tree is very helpful in picking trees to grow.

Bonsai for Beginners by Craig Coussins
Start enjoying this fascinating hobby with a complete guide to every aspect of the art, from selecting suitable plants for your climate, through healthcare, styling, potting, and troubleshooting, to long-term development. Illustrated with the author's own photographs of varieties popular throughout the world, and accompanied by charts and drawings, it includes case studies that take you through important techniques, one by one.

The Art of Bonsai Design by Colin Lewis
Colin Lewis' book is full of clearly written information on "how to do it" or "how not to do it". I have found all kinds of tidbits of info that will greatly enhance my own activities with bonsai. His material on mychorrizae is excellent. In all, I guess I have found his writing style and his knowledge base combine to provide a book that I will return to often to direct my care and design of my trees. I find this book a real must for anyone beyond the beginners stage.

Indoor Bonsai for Beginners: Selection, Care, Training by Werner Busch
I would recommend this book to every first time bonsai owner. Great information on when to trim the tree or how to fertilize for individual tree care. Need to know if the tree will thrive in the location you have available, this book will help you.

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