Our material is reasonably priced and some make very good beginner Bonsai Trees. We also have established Bonsai Trees for sale that are reasonably priced as well. Here are just a few of the plants we offer:

  • Confiers:
    • Alberta Spruce
    • Oriental Spruce
    • Picea (Little Gem)
    • Pines (Mugo, Black and more..)
    • Chamaecyparis (varieties)
    • Hinoki Cypress (Green & Golden)
    • Cedar (varieties)
    • Juniper (Shimpaku, Blue Shimpaku, Procumbens and more..)
    • More Conifers available than listed above..
  • Deciduous:
    • Hornbeam
    • Chinese Elm
    • Beech
    • Maple
    • Larch
    • Zelkova
    • More Deciduous available than listed above..
  • Broadleaved Evergreens:
    • Serissa
    • Cotoneaster (varieties)
    • Boxwood
    • Pieris
    • Azalea
    • More Broadleaved Evergreens available than listed above..

If you have questions about our inventory, please fee free to contact us!

In California Email us at Bonsai by Rich
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